• 23 MAY 16
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    Accessing NHS Dental Treatment

    NHS Treatment at Sutton Orthodontic Centre


    Here at Sutton Orthodontic Centre we provide NHS Orthodontic Treatment.

    This treatment is intended to help those who need treatment to help their dental health. It is not designed to treat problems that are purely cosmetic.

    To determine whether you qualify for NHS treatment our orthodontist will assess the health and appearance of smile.

    We do this by using the IOTN scale of measurements. The same scale is used by orthodontists throughout the country to ensure we are all working to the same guidelines.

    Dr Dhopatkar is a specialist orthodontist and measuring by the IOTN was an essential part of his training.

    The IOTN or Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need is a scoring system used to determine whether anyone under 18 years of age qualifies for NHS orthodontic treatment.

    The scale runs from 1 to 5 with 1 being the mildest irregularities and 5 the highest rating.

    Patients who score 4 or 5 qualify for treatment

    Patients who score 1 or 2 have very little problem with the positioning and appearance of their teeth

    If a patient scores 3 they are considered borderline for treatment and the patient’s appearance and dental health will be taken into account to determine whether or not they are eligible for treatment.

    When you are told you are eligible for treatment you may have to join a waiting list as the NHS only funds a limited amount of orthodontic treatment each year.

    We will explain the waiting list process at your / your child’s appointment and how we will keep track of you. We can also explain alternatives to NHS treatment.

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