‘Rachel has received great treatment from the practice and is very happy with the results. We would definitely recommend the practice’
Mother of Rachel (16) from Erdington 

‘I am extremely happy with the treatment and the final results and I always felt welcomed by the staff. Thank you all so much’
Callum (16) from Great Barr 

‘My experience has been good. My teeth have improved so much and I am thankful for all the staff that helped fix them’
Natalie (14) from Erdington

‘My treatment has been smooth and professional. A very good experience’
Eamonn (18) from Erdington

‘I’m really pleased my daughter came to such a professional friendly practice. The treatment was always fully explained so we understood what was happening. We are really pleased with the results and cant recommend Sutton Orthodontic Centre highly enough’
Mother of Sinead (17) from Sutton Coldfield 

‘I am extremely happy with my teeth after the treatment. The course was excellent and all the staff were friendly and helpful’
Emily (16) from Sutton Coldfield 

‘Thank you for the care given to Claude. We have been extremely happy with the treatment received and the results are excellent. We would highly recommend this practice’
Mother of Claude (16) from Erdington 

‘I am so pleased with the outcome of my teeth. All of the staff have been welcoming and friendly, making my experience a calm one even when I was nervous at first. Thank you so much for all your help’
Sarah (16) from Sutton Coldfield

‘The treatment I received was amazing and the results are better then I could have expected’
Emily (17) from Sutton Coldfield 

‘The overall experience was very good and I am pleased with the results. The practice treated me well and were considerate of my needs’
Eve (16) from Sutton Coldfield 

‘All the steps of my treatment were clearly laid out and Dr Dhopatkar made sure I was happy with my teeth at each stage, I received excellent care’
Edwin (18) from Sutton Coldfield

‘My experience at the practice has been great and all the members of staff are very friendly. My smile is now perfect and I would recommend Sutton Orthodontic Centre to all my friends and family’
Ellie (18) from Sutton Coldfield

‘I am very pleased with my teeth now. The braces have made such a difference, thank you so much’
Laura (19) from Sutton Coldfield

‘I am very pleased with my treatment, the staff are very friendly and always make you feel comfortable and welcome. I’m really happy with the results and I can now smile’
Rebecca (18) from Great Barr

‘The staff are really supportive during the treatment and I am really grateful for my new smile’
Natalie (14) from Erdington 

‘I couldn’t be happier with the treatment I received or the staff I received it from’
Tat’leen (17) from Erdington

‘All the staff here were very helpful and welcoming, making what could have been a daunting experience, simple and easy’
Sophie (19) from Sutton Coldfield

‘The staff are absolutely amazing, the practice is always on hand to give advice if needed and the results are fantastic’
Ronan (15) from Kingstanding 

‘I was really happy with the treatment and all the staff were lovely’
Eleena (17) from Erdington 

‘The staff are very helpful and professional. My teeth have transformed completely and has boosted my confidence. I am very pleased with the outcome’
Rochelle (17) from Erdington 

‘Really pleased with the results of my treatment. Wonderful, friendly and professional staff make the whole experience a positive one. Thank you’
Djana (36) from Sutton Coldfield

‘I was very happy with the experience and am very pleased with the results. I am grateful for all the staff that have helped me with my treatment’
Rebecca (14) from Castle Bromwich

‘My experience at the practice has been wonderful. The staff are great and very welcoming’
Ateek (17) from Sutton Coldfield

‘The staff are very helpful and make you feel comfortable. I have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone’
Reema (18) from Great Barr 

‘My son received fantastic treatment, from start to finish the whole service was excellent. Thank you to Ashish and his fantastic team for all their hard work’
Mrs Finch from Sutton Coldfield

‘I was very nervous at the beginning of treatment but with the support of the staff at Sutton Orthodontic Centre, I became more confident as treatment progressed. I am astonished with how much improvement I have had’
Ryan (17) from  Tamworth 

‘I had a really good experience at Sutton Orthodontic Centre and would recommend them to anyone wanting to have a perfect smile. I’m really happy with the results and cant stop smiling’
Jessica (20) from Great Barr

‘A very friendly and professional service, we were advised on all aspects of my care and are really happy with the results achieved’
Andrew (16) from Great Bar 

‘The whole experience has been pleasant. The help and support  given by the whole team was excellent’
Mahesh (19) West Bromwich

‘I was overjoyed. This practice has really been kind to me and I cant thank the staff enough for what they have done. I finally have a smile to be proud of and I owe it all to Sutton Orthodontic Centre’
Kyron (20) from Ward End

‘I feel that I been treated very well during my treatment and I am extremely happy with the results! I would recommend this practice to my friends’

‘I would love to thank everyone at Sutton Orthodontic Centre for supporting me and taking care of my teeth. It has made a massive difference, thank you all’

‘Ive been extremely satisfied by my experience at Sutton Orthodontic Centre. The staff have all been extremely friendly, helpful and reassuring. I’ve been very pleased with my treatment and am satisfied with the end result. Thank you so much!’

‘The treatment at Sutton Orthodontic Centre was outstanding. I am very pleased with the service I was given during visits. Thank you’

‘We are so pleased with the results, thank you and the  service has been second to none, Will definitely recommend this practice’

‘The treatment received at Sutton Orthodontic Centre has been brilliant, the staff, nurses and receptionist were all very helpful. I really enjoyed coming here for my treatment and felt very comfortable with everything. Thank you.’

‘I am very happy with the way the staff have treated me at the practice, they have always been friendly and caring and my results from treatment are amazing’