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    Wish you could see the results before undertaking treatment?

    Wish you could see the results before undertaking treatment?

    Have  you ever wondered how your teeth will look after course of Orthodontic treatment? Unsure that Orthodontic treatment will give you the desired results? Then speak to our team about Invisalign. Invisalign is one of the ranges of ‘invisible braces’ that we offer at the practice (Invisalign involves a series of custom made, clear aligners which are worn full time in sequential order). Invisalign however, comes with an ace up its sleeve, known as clin-check.

    After sending your records securely across the pond to America, Invisalign will send us your clin-check. Clin-check is a digital visual prediction of how your treatment will progress. It enables us to show you upside down, inside out and back to front, step by step each stage of your treatment, right up to completion. This will enable you to see the finished results before you even start. The clin-check will also give you an accurate estimate on how long your treatment will be expected to take, fantastic!

    Any tweaks to your treatment can be made, and once your happy with your clin-check, a quick click of the mouse will order your aligners which are usually delivered to the practice within a few weeks.

    Ready to learn more? contact the practice on 0121 354 5596 and book an Invisalign consultation with our Invisalign registered, specialist Orthodontist Dr Dhopatkar.

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